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Rescuing animals and finding them their forever homes.


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More quotes from adopters

Dog Walker


The dogs we adopted from Iran have been awesome additions to the family. They are very sweet and seem to be so grateful for their new home. They make us smile everyday. 

Image by Marliese Streefland


It’s rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from Iran and shelter them with love and have them sleep in my bed. If I had my way I would rescue them all.

Golden Retriever


We were the ones who were really adopted! It was her kind, gentle soul, I knew we had a connection.

Dog Portrait


Adopting Cody was one of the best decisions I ever made. He brings a sense of joy and company to my life that is unexplainable.

Black Dog


It is rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from Iran and shelter them with love and respect and have them sleep in my bed.   They protect me and I protect them it is a lot of giving love and respect.  They have taught us patients and lots of learning there way.  As they think they are boss of this domain we let them roam and run in our world, our yard and our home.  My favorite dog is a rescue dog.  We recused them but in the end they rescued me.  If I had my way I would rescue them all.  My heart is full and my soul free I love these two endlessly. 

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Dog Collar

Now our house feels like a home. He is the best addition to the family I could ask for


Quotes from adopters


 Teddy is the King of the neighborhood. He is so friendly & so sweet. Yesterday, a neighbor saw me walking Teddy & I heard him talking about the cute doggy to his young daughters. Then he said "doesn't he look just like a teddy bear?" I looked up and said "actually, his name is Teddy.. He came with that name and it fits him perfectly". All of them smiled and I was beaming. I told him that he is a rescue and he came all the way from Iran to come live with us. I am head over heels in love with him. He is so sweet! He already has a couple of girlfriends in the neighborhood.
                                  - Dawn


Everyone says Lucky is so fortunate to have you considering what has been through, but I say I am the Lucky one. With him by my side I don’t need anything else and my life is full. Everyday I thank the people who brought him to me.


- Nilofar


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